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medical study in philippines
Great foreign education at Indian prices!
Good news for Indian students who are pursuing medicine or planning to do so. Philippines has emerged as the most sought after destination for medical studies.

Recent statistics by the Planning Commission of India stated that India has a shortage of medical seats as well as doctors. India has a meager doctor ratio 1 doctor for every 1700 people. There are 271  medical colleges in India, which offer only 31,172 seats.

Due to this alarming study, the Medical Council of India opened the doors of foreign medical education to Indian students in the year 2002. More than 30,000 students go abroad every year for medical studies.

Indian students with foreign medical undergraduate degrees are eligible to appear for the screening test of the Medical Council of India, for their permanent registration and eligibility to practice in India. And the most preferred destination for them to study is Philippines.

The MD degree of Philippines is equivalent to the MBBS in India. The MD course is taught in five years.
Fee structure:
Fees for colleges are from £6000 – 9000
University fees range from £10000 – 18000
Top Universities usually range from £18000 - 45000 
Note  :  Installment at the time of admission.

Subsequent installments shall be paid before the beginning of the respective academic year.

Your hostel charges (Optional) for Accommodations & Food will be approx Rs. 8,000 per month. Mess facilities will be provided and Mess bill will be as per consumption. Your air ticket will cost around Rs. 45,000 and visa and other charges will be Rs. 40,000.

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