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Study In Ireland

Study In Ireland

Study In Ireland


Ireland is the third largest island in Europe, divided by Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It experiences mild climate and frequent rainfall. It is blessed with few ecstatic landscapes where Dublin is the tourist destination and also the capital of Ireland. It is also known for its agricultural methods and natural fresh-water ecosystems.

There are two main languages in Ireland – Irish and English. Many universities in Ireland rank high and are a popular choice among international students. Its historical background, beautiful countryside and unique culture attract students to study and live there. It is surrounded by countries that have benefited most from the booming economy which translates into property values.

It practices parliamentary democracy which enables foreigners to have an elated lifestyle. It is renowned for excellence in education where cities like Dublin, Galway, Cork are considered student cities.

Top 5 Programs
Business Science & Computing Engineering & Technology Health & Safety Management Arts
Major Intakes September January
Cost of Education
[Euros per annum]
9,000 – 42,000
Duration of Course Undergraduate Programmes
– 3 years
Postgraduate Programmes
– 2 years

Why study in Ireland

Ireland ranks impressively good at world level for quality of education. It is a modern country with a huge population of the youth (below age of 25) i.e. 40 % of the overall population. The country is known as one of the friendliest country in the world. The standard of living in Ireland is the major attraction among the international students.
It accepts students for post-graduation with 15 years of education, unlike some countries.
It is known as IT hub as the leading multinational IT companies have their headquarters there. The employment rate of Ireland has reached higher in last decades.

Education System in Ireland

The education system in Ireland has a holistic set-up where it caters to International students in Bachelors, Masters and Diploma degrees. Universities in Ireland offer programs right from certificate level to doctorate level. Ireland has 9 universities, 14 technical institutes and 24 recognized independent institutes. All are closely associated with industries. One can study bachelor's degree in Ireland in three to four year duration, a subsequent graduate diploma in Ireland in one-year duration and further master's level degree from one to two year duration.

They provide vocational programs for industries such as catering, hospitality-tourism, business studies. In the coming two decades, the Irish Higher education system will undergo major reorganization based on recommendations by the Higher Education Authority (HEA). They are designed to cover students’ tuition fees, cost of field trips or student contribution.

Represented Universities/ Institutes in Ireland

Admissions Procedure

You can find the full range of high quality undergraduate and postgraduate program in all Irish universities. The entry requirements for postgraduate study differ from one university to another. However, most courses require an undergraduate degree. Students with vocational work experience can apply for top degrees. The country offers liberal standard of admissions and visa process without interview.

Required Tests

International student has to appear for IELTS or PTE to get the score for English proficiency.

Diploma/ Higher Diploma- 5.5 in IELTS / 46-50 in PTE

Bachelors – 6.0 bands in IELTS/ 51-58 in PTE

Masters- 6.5 in IELTS/ 62 to 69 in PTE

Most of all the institutes accept the application with lower bands in IELTS with specified rules at extra cost of the pre-session English course.

Accommodation Facilities

All the universities and instates helps in finding the right options for accommodation to the international students. The student can also avail temporary booking of residence before arrival. There are hostels, home stay, and private accommodation options will be available for the students.

Cost of Education

The average tuition fee for any program can be:

Diploma / Higher Diploma Program- 6000 to 11000 Euro

Bachelors Program- 8000 to 15000 Euro

Masters Program- 9000 to 20000 Euro

Work Prospects

Students in Ireland are permitted to work part time for 20 hours per week. They are allowed to work full time during breaks. Students can earn substantially to support their lifestyle expenses while studying. The sandwich courses allow you to have PAID JOB PLACEMENT which aids students to earn while they learn. The student will get 1 year of Job search visa along with the study tenure for Bachelors and Masters Program students.

Permenant Residency

After completion of studies, one needs to apply for work permit to work and live in Ireland. It is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe; acquiring work permits in Ireland have increased chances compared to European Countries.