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Study In Switzerland

Study In Switzerland

Study In Switzerland


The country is known as the leader in business competition and innovations. The country is land locked geographically and diversified between the Alps, the Swiss Plateau, and the Jura. Bern is the capital canton of the country and the most popular city. Famous for its pocket knives and watch technology, Switzerland is also one of the top destinations for International students. The swizz confederation has 20 cantons and 6 half cantons.

Switzerland is considered for years as a tourist attraction. It has four national languages, although any of it is not much greatly in practice. It ranks high when it comes to tourism and education system.

Switzerland is a wealthy country with a high quality of life. The country is densely populated, with an average of 183 people per square kilometer. However, there are major differences between the geographical regions. Switzerland has a population of about 7.4 million. Foreigners account for around 20% of the resident population.

Top 5 Programs
Hospitality & Tourism Marketing Human Resources Business & Economics Language
Major Intakes September February
Cost of Education
[SRF per annum]
50,000 and 150,000
Duration of Course Under-Graduate Programs
- 3 years
Postgraduate Programs
– 2 years

Why Study in Switzerland?

The beautiful countries along with its geographical benefits lead in the area of education and have set a bench mark in last few decades.
Switzerland is home to one of the European’s most prestigious education systems.
The government offers scholarship programs for International students namely Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists and The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. It offers multilingualism opportunities, where they can hone current language skills or learn something completely new.
Students come from all over the world to study in Switzerland, promoting the development of a rare international perspective.

Education System in Switzerland

It divides its education system into primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The education system in Switzerland is open and easy to apply and get the admission. The student can generally attend the course of his / her choice, and the university attended can also be freely selected. Vocational education and training is subject to some restrictions due to ceilings on apprenticeship positions. At some universities, access to specific subjects is also limited. The universities offer general education and courses in applied sciences. Diploma, graduate, postgraduate and doctorate level studies are offered by educational institution. The hospitality industry is well established hence student can study and get hands on training with best hospitality schools in Switzerland with world class teaching standards.

Represented Universities / Institutes in Switzerland

Admissions Procedure

The education system in Switzerland is open and easy to apply and get the admission. To apply for education in Switzerland, candidates should acquire either state recognized Swiss maturity certificate or another foreign certificate recognized as equivalent by the university. Applicants should contact their selected university well in time.

English language skills are a pre-requisite as instruction is conducted in English. Other intakes take place in March and further in August in one academic year.

Required Tests

IELTS and TOEFL both are considered to study in Switzerland. The requirement for IELTS test is 5.5 - 6.5 bands. If you have not taken either the TOEFL or IELTS tests and you would like to prove your level of knowledge of English with other exams, you will have to prove a level of command of English corresponding to B1 / B2 level according to the European language passport.

Accommodation Facilities

Swiss universities offer student accommodation, so it is convenient for international students to start with. Immigrants receive a subsidized price for housing on-campus. The advantage of living on-campus is that you will live close to college facilities with the other students. Students can also apply for student housing or rent a room. Most higher education institutions in Switzerland will have a housing office or an international office that can give you more information about housing facilities provided.

Cost of Education

The international fees range from:

Bachelors- 19000 to 27000 CHF

Masters- 20000 to 25000 CHF

Work Prospects

Once you have a residence permit, you can work as a student. A student is allowed for profit-earning activity by providing a statement confirming that your employment will not prolong the length of your studies. For foreign students, the number of hours is limited to 15. In places like Geneva, a student can work up to 30 hours in a week. It is easy to find employment in urban centers like Geneva and Zurich. Each university has a job placement office that provides information on student employment.

Permenant Residency

Switzerland offers work permit visa for short duration, Permanent residency is not possible for international students.